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"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors to this site should exercise caution when viewing these memorials as it may contain images of deceased persons...."

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An online memorial offers an enduring form of commemoration that can be accessed by today's and future generations.

Memorials on our site start out as a funeral notice / obituary giving details such as name, age, where from, church, cemetery, crematorium, and or chapel where and when funeral / celebration of life will occur. After 30 days the funeral notice / obituaries will then be part of our genealogy section of Online Memorials.

A memorial is an enduring tribute to a person who has died. It provides tangible evidence of a life lived, and a sense of focus for the bereaved to remember and reflect after the funeral / celebration of life process has ended.

A memorial helps to form a link between the past, present and future. For many people, it plays an important part in the grieving process.

Many people choose to create a memorial in a cemetery, memorial garden, or other special place. Online Memorials offers a new memorialisation / obituary option in a place that transcends distance and boundaries the Internet.

Online Memorials is a contemporary, yet dignified way to share memories of someone special with friends and relatives around Australia and the world.

You can customise your memorial with images and words that celebrate the life and personality of the person who has died. We have a very simple process that allows visitors to the memorial to record their thoughts. For families or friends to post sympathy messages, eulogies, anecdotes and wishes.

Around the world, the Internet is bringing people together in many positive ways. Online Memorials is a virtual memorial garden, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, uniting people in grief, remembrance and respect.

A popular use at Online Memorials is for families to have the eulogy posted as part of the memorial. For many reasons at the church, cemetery, crematorium or other venues especially close family members donít get to hear everything said at the funeral so posting the eulogy gives everyone the opportunity to read and take in the eulogy in the comfort and privacy of thier home.

This site has been developed as a community service allowing participating funeral directors to provide a value added service to their clients.


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